THE CHAPEL is a not-for-profit venue with a vision to enable St. Louis musicians, artists and performers to more easily make a living in their calling.  The Chapel is devoted to the arts and artists of Saint Louis. Because of this, we do not host events outside of the purview of our mission. This includes weddings, receptions, presentations, church/religious services or gatherings, or private events.

How often do events happen at THE CHAPEL?

We book on average two stage events each month. Gallery bookings and showings observe a different schedule.  Friday and Saturday evenings are the most popular times shows are scheduled but Sunday evenings work as well. 

What fees do artists pay to use the venue?

Use of the space is free and performers take 100% of the door money.  When hosting events, we provide up to two free drinks (wine and/or beer, soda, water) per patron (donated by friends of The Chapel) as well as volunteers to run the bar. All staff are volunteers and our host, Memorial Presbyterian Church provides the space and covers our utilities.

What is the seating capacity of the venue?

Maximum allowable seating is 100 people, or 150 people standing.  To maximize the enjoyment of the audiences typically seating is limited to 80, and less for theatre shows. 

Does THE CHAPEL provide a PA system?

 Because of the live acoustics of the space, most shows we host are classical or acoustic, often “unplugged” events.  We do have a sound & PA system if needed, but the artist should provide someone to operate it.